I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg

I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg


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I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg: A Journalist's Journey Into the Paranormal

By Don Allison

Paranormal events are real, and many of us have experienced them. Based on his own experiences, award-winning journalist Don Allison looks at different types of paranormal events and the science behind them.

My mind was spinning at this point. Here I was – someone who grew up not believing in ghosts, a veteran journalist used to questioning everything – apparently having a conversation with a captain who fought at Gettysburg more than 150 years ago.
Was it really possible? Was this some gigantic, wildly ingenious incredible hoax, or was this conversation somehow real?
And what was it that brought me – a once dyed-in-the-wool paranormal doubter – to this haunted bridge in search of ghosts?
- Don Allison
Author, I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg

A great read. Very entertaining ... I think you've created an "Everyman's" explanation of paranormal experiences. Most people ignore or rationalize away true paranormal events. Your book covers the many types of paranormal events AS paranormal events, and  explains how you came (reluctantly, in some cases) to those conclusions.

- Mark Nesbitt
Paranormal investigator and author of the "Ghosts of Gettysburg" series 


128 Pages
Illustrated, Index
ISBN 978-9659201-5-5

I Met a Ghost on Gettysburg ghosts is available as an e-book

About the Author

Journalist, Author and Paranormal Expert Don Allison


Don's Career is Based on Trust 

I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg author Don Allison's career as a journalist spans more than four decades, much of that time with the daily Bryan Times newspaper in northwest Ohio. To be successful as a writer and editor with a community paper requires accuracy, truthfulness and trust. Simply put, if Don had not been painstakingly accurate and built a culture of trust with his readers, he could not have survived and thrived as a journalist for so many years. 

Professionalism and Versatility

Beyond his work as a daily newspaper editor, Don has displayed his ability as a journalist by covering stories ranging from hard news such as murders and politicians' wrongdoings, touching personal interest stories and feature topics. His work as an editor, page and section composition and columnist has been recognized with numerous Associated Press awards. In addition, Don has authored and contributed to books on the American Civil War and Northwest Ohio history, in addition to his books on the paranormal. Don and his wife are the founders and publishers of Faded Banner Publications,  


For nearly four decades Don has served on the Williams County, Ohio, Historical Society Board of Trustees, and through the years he has held various offices with the organization. He spearheaded the successful effort in which the society acquired and preserved the 1845 Society of Friends Meeting House in western Williams County. Don also is a founding member and past trustee and officer of the Stryker Area Heritage Council. Currently Don serves as an interpreter with the Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio.   

Conference and Event Speaker

Don is in demand as a speaker and presenter and conferences and other events. During 2019 alone he was a presenter at the Gettysburg Battlefield Bash and numerous paranormal conferences. He he also has given presentations and provided book signings at Civil War Roundtables, museums, historical societies, and National Park service sites including the National POW Museum in Andersonville, Georgia. Contact us to inquire about Don's availability as a speaker. 

Don Allison

Journalist, Author and Paranormal Expert Don Allison

Contact Don at don@fadedbanner.com 

See Author Don Allison on PBS

 Author, Journalist and Paranormal Expert Don Allison was featured on an episode of The Journal on WBGU-TV, which was rebroadcast by stations in the PBS network. 

Don is a Frequent Radio and Podcast Guest

 A variety of broadcast radio shows and podcasts have featured interviews with author and paranormal expert Don Allison.