76 Minutes: The search for the missing Skelton brothers


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76 Minutes: My Search for Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton

By Lynn Thompson

Three young Michigan brothers disappeared in 2010.
Their father says they will "hibernate until they graduate" but police believe it's a triple homicide.
Eight years later, this remains one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the United States, stretching from Michigan to Montana, and national coverage from John Walsh to Nancy Grace have yet to turn up a clue.
If police are right, Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton were the victims of a personal war between John Russell Skelton and his ex-wife. If they are wrong, the boys live among strangers cut off from the world and everything they had ever known
.John Skelton is the only one who knows what happened and he still controls the fate of his sons. Silence is his victory.
Bryan Times Reporter Lynn Thompson has covered this story since the day the boys disappeared. Based on what he has learned, and drawing from his newspaper and U.S. Army experience, Lynn exposes the elements of control to narrow the search, speed the recovery and bring the boys back home.
Now retired, Don Allison served as author Lynn Thompson's editor at The Bryan Times as the story unfolded. "Lynn Thompson has doggedly followed the disappearance of Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton since day one," Allison said. "It is more than just another story to Lynn – two of the missing boys are the same age as his own sons, and he has made the quest to find them a personal one.
“With the eye if an experienced crime reporter and the compassion of a parent, Lynn weaves a compelling insightful narrative." 

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About the Author

Journalist and Author Lynn Thompson

 Lynn Thompson is a lifelong resident of Williams County, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, Lori, and their sons.

A 1987 graduate of High school, Lynn earned a bachelor of arts degree in English literature from Huntington College in 1991.

He joined The Bryan Times in 2009, where his focus continues to be local crime and veteran affairs. In 2012 the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors ranked him among the best two news writers in the state.

Lynn is a veteran himself, having served two tours in Iraq. His awards include the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Infantry Badge. He continues to serve with the Indiana National Guard as a Division staff Major.

This is his first book, detailing his very personal search for answers to the missing Skelton brothers mystery. 76 Minutes is the first true crime volume published by Faded Banner Publications.. 

Author Lynn Thompson

Journalist and Author Lynn Thompson